GVNLY (Gavin Lee) is a painter and Visual artist based in Bristol, UK. Through his paintings he aims to transport his audience to a dream world of fantasy characters and dreamscape-like compositions. Utilising a palette loaded with imposing colours, he takes influence from art movements such as pop-surrealism, fantasy art and street art to realise his images.


                                                                       Shows and exhibitions

May 30th 31st 2020 Upfest urban paint festival Bristol, live mural painting (POSTONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS)

December 2019 - February 2020: ‘In Between Dreams’ solo show, Totterdown Canteen

September 2019: Exhibition Two, Cass Art Bristol

October 2019: Dancing With Demons show, Colston Hall, Bristol

Spring 2019: Cut, Spray And Pray stencil exhibition

March 2019: Cannon Fodder at Loose Cannon, Bristol UK

February 2019: Lighthouse Open Exhibition, Wolverhampton, UK

March 2018: Exhibition One, Cass Art Bristol, UK 2018, 

Summer 2017 Open exhibition, OXO Tower London, UK 

May 2017, The Old England, Bristol, UK

November 2016, 123 space gallery, Bristol, UK

February 2016 The Farm, Bristol, UK with 

Lee Fowler and Tom Rawles 

September 2015, Club Kif Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

February 2015 Sala HQ Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

November 2014, Grey Street/Domingos, Barcelona, Spain